Our line of action:

We undertake the role of verifying each and every member registered with us, either as a lender or borrower. For this purpose, we collect personal, professional and financial details from each potential member and authenticate it. The list of information collected is available in the registration section. All the information collected is for official purposes only and we safeguard client’s confidentiality.

Once a borrower and a lender come to a mutual agreement, Lenbor helps them legalize the transaction by getting a formal contract signed by the lender and borrower. We make necessary provisions and help both parties realize the deal without the necessity of a face to face meeting.

Once a loan is disbursed, we help lenders with the collection and recovery of loans. Delay in repayment by borrowers draw a penalty which is pursued by Lenbor as part of the process.


What We Do Not Do

Decisions to lend on this portal are entirely at the discretion of potential lenders. We do not guarantee fixed or minimum rate of returns to any lender. Nor do we guarantee the principal amount to lenders. We facilitate the decision making process by providing relevant information about the borrowers and lenders to each other.

We encourage all borrowers and lenders to read the policy and guidelines on the website clearly before registration and any clarifications on their part is welcome. For further details, they are welcome to read Lenbor Policy and Terms & Conditions.

As a part of our policy to remain neutral, we do not intervene in the decision making process. However, we do provide the interest rate at which each borrower could be funded as per the Lenbor risk analysis.

Following our philosophy of being a neutral platform, we do not give any financial advice or recommendations to either borrowers or lenders on this forum. Members are encouraged to make their own informed decisions and transact accordingly, free of any coercion or any form of influence from us.

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