Know Your Borrower

Borrowers on Lenbor are people who are credit worthy and are least interested to pay high interest to the banks and are smart enough to design their borrowings to meet the investor’s expectations, just as Lenders are people who want full control of how they want to invest their idle funds.

Lenbor provides a bouquet of borrowers with varying credit profiles who would be ready to give different rates of interest depending upon their need and credit worthiness. At Lenbor, one can build a portfolio for him/herself, just the way banks do. We do not allow a lender to fund more than 20% of a borrower’s loan requirement. This is to encourage Lenders to hedge their risk by diversifying their lending portfolio by not putting all their eggs in one basket.

Lenbor has a strict listing criterion for evaluating each and every borrower before they are allowed to be listed on the P2P platform. Lenbor physically checks their office and residential addresses, it verifies their income statements, payment capabilities, past performance in order to understand their ability, stability and intent. Lenbor evaluates each borrower on more than 120 criteria across 400 data points which includes Financial, Professional, Social and educational background, loan records, etc. to cherry pick only the most eligible borrowers for Lender’s perusal. All such information about each borrower is shared on the borrower listing page so that an informed decision can be taken by Lenders.

Lenders can also opt for loans against collateral through our latest product offering made available through a tie-up with Baxi, India’s first bike-taxi operators. Lenders can choose to fund drivers keen to work as Baxi-operators and hence require auto-loans to buy bikes. It’s an income generating asset for them and an asset-based investment for the lenders. Click here to know more about this product.

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